Privacy Policy

With veteran and excellent team of mobile app developers, ITZ Total Solutions provides unique, well-organized and personalized solutions. To offer the best and the latest, ITZ Total Solutions has set up Privacy Policy for the clients and the customers and of course of US! It helps us build long-term relationships.

Once you use ITZ Total Solutions website, you are obliged to process your information that is TRUE and CORRECT. You are requested to read Privacy Policy completely.

We as ITZ Total Solutions forward necessary updates to your registered email address with us. Therefore, be sure to provide TRUE and CORRECT information. The individual is liable for the misuse of any account.

The party (individual) can directly contact ITZ Total Solutions providing specific information via “Get in Touch” or “Request a Free Quote”. We do communicate with the concerned person at the earliest with the best available information.

The party can contact us for any of our services mentioned on our website. The information provided should be true and accountable as per the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

ITZ Total Solutions can change or modify the Term & Conditions without any prior notice.

If you have any concern or feedback about the Term & Conditions, please contact us to have true and accountable resolution.

ITZ Total Solutions updates the user’s information from the completed details for the various services. We may use of the provided details to communicate with you through a registered email address or a phone number for the sake of Growth Procedure, Promotion and Marketing requirements.

ITZ Total Solutions assures you not to share any of your information or details to any third party. We acclimatize your visit to our website and increase the experience by getting a better resolution. Also, we update our web-pages for your comforts with the use of “Cookies”.

The cookie detail is saved in the test file. Every time the party log in, the cookie information is sent to identity the individual. The detail acquired is subject to Term & Conditions and Privacy Policy. The information supplied by the cookie and IP details is used to assess and deal the website. And also used for promotion purpose. No personal identification information is collected from you by the cookies.

ITZ Total Solutions has all the privileges to change, modify or update the Privacy Policy under certain circumstances and conditions without any prior information or communication. Only the timeframe of “last updated” will be maintained for you.